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“In both employee and agency roles, Amy’s work as a creative, lead designer has been phenomenal. She has a keen ability to ask the right questions to help translate a loose vision into a beautiful, finished piece. Her work has always been top-notch and I was delighted to continue working with her at a brand new foundation when they needed creativity and vision. It’s a pleasure endorsing Amy’s talent and ability as I’m certain she’ll provide exceptional, imaginative design work to any of her clients.”
— Valin Brown, CEO, Alliant Educational Foundation

“Amy’s ability to WOW only increased during the 3+ years we worked together. She was able to take an initial concept, and quickly grasp the direction I wanted her to go. She created everything from branding and marketing campaigns to annual reports, digital and printed collateral pieces and was able to transform a more mundane project, like a staff directory, into a digital magazine. Amy understands all aspects of design, is detail-oriented, a self-starter, and is consistently exacting. Not only is she good at what she does, she’s also just a wonderful person—volunteering every week at Sharp Memorial Hospital, and sharing her naturopathic knowledge with our team. I would highly recommend her for any senior design role.”
— Michele Predko, VP, Marketing + Communications, United Way of San Diego County

“Here at Hit2Web, we get quite a few requests for print and design work. Due to time constraints and clients revision requests, we can only work with a designer that is imaginative, resourceful and tenacious. Amy has fit this description every time—her work is on time and my clients’ expectations exceded. Amy is truly a professional and we look forward to continued work with her.”
— Andy Contreras III, Owner + Developer, Hit2Web

“Amy has a way of knowing exactly what I want without me having to explain it. She is able to embody the spirit of what I do in a cutting edge, not-seen-before way. I receive so many compliments on the pieces she designs for me that I undoubtedly go to her for all my artistic promotional needs. ”
— Summer Mencher (musician, vocalist and songwriter)

“Amy is a talented and highly productive graphic artist that I had the pleasure of working with at United Way. Every project she touches is dramatically improved and she is able to flex her design style to suit the audience, product or collateral. She produced some truly beautiful work that elevated our brand to another level. Amy is also just a compassionate and lovely person to have on your team.”
— Angela Titus, Executive Vice President, Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation
“It is with pleasure that I recommend Amy. She and I were a two-person team that provided all of the graphic design and digital design support for an entire marketing department. Vistage International was a fast-paced environment that Amy excelled in. We were able to scale the department at a moments notice and scale it down when the need(s) were met. She is extremely detail oriented and has mastered the perfect mixture of get-it-done and can-do attitude. I would recommend Amy for a number of design and marketing positions.”
— Andy Wendt, Brand & Creative Programs Manager, Illumina

“Amy is an invaluable asset to our team and brings a strong work ethic matched with exceptional design skills. She collaborates with us from the initial concept to the final product, making sure she fully understands our needs and brings our vision to life. Her ideas and designs are always professional and creative; her work has never failed to exceed our expectations.”
— Silvana DelPiccolo, Senior Manager of Philanthropy and Corporate Giving, Biocome Institute

“Amy is incredibly talented and truly cares about her client’s needs and wishes. She has created all of Sunshine Ranch Therapeutic Riding’s logos, flyers, business cards, thank you cards, banners, etc. I truly appreciate her attitude and talent because she sincerely listens and brings life to my ideas (no matter how vaguely they start out). She works on every design until I am 100% happy with the finished product. She has such a wonderful work ethic and has generously donated so much of her time and energy to help our non-profit organization. I am always so proud to show off Amy’s designs, and we are so thankful for all of her help!”
— Stephanie Mitchell, Founder & Executive Director, Sunshine Ranch Therapeutic Riding

“Amy’s work is more than a promotional tool. It is art that stands on its own; brilliant versatile, and always beautiful.”
— Jason Getzel, music + film artist

“I worked with Amy at Vistage International. She was my go-to on the creative team. Amy always delivered amazing results in a timely manner. While at Vistage, she supported me with managing and designing all the pieces of marketing collateral for two of our biggest international events and was a key contributor in our company re-brand initiative, just to name a few key projects. She is absolutely wonderful to work with. On a more personal note, I used Wonder Creative for my wedding invitations and programs and Amy took something in my mind and made it an even better reality! I highly recommend Amy as both and person and a professional.”
— Sara Dodd, Digital Marketing Manager, Amazon Web Services

“Amy is a wonderful person with a fantastic work ethic. We started working together at Vistage International and the quality of her design work stood out from the beginning. After working there together we have continued to collaborate on grassroots cause marketing projects. The superstar Moby even shared one of her graphics for a project of ours! She is passionate and driven, and that shows through in her work and in how she lives. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”
— Lorelei Plotczyk, Senior Content Producer, Renovate America

“I’ve been entrepreneuring for over 5 years and worked with Amy on all of my businesses—she does an amazing job with all of my branding needs. She has done everything from my print collateral and web designs to my promotional t-shirt designs. I couldn’t be happier with her services and I highly recommend Amy for anyone’s design needs.”
— Michael D'Ascanio (Founder), EarthList LLC



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