Wonder Creative


United Way of San Diego County marketing campaign

Marketing Campaign: Disrupshun
Company: United Way of San Diego County
Services: Concept Development, Art Direction, Print Design, Web Design
Video Production: Luca Delpiccolo


Used to using a more positive approach which showed the outcome of their work (smiling kids, happy families, etc.), United Way of San Diego County needed an attention-grabbing marketing campaign that would shake things up and address the darker side of the issues—one that would literally disrupt folks and make them look twice. The company’s focus is on providing the support many lower-income children in the community need to succeed from cradle to career. Early-grade education and literacy is a major milestones for that success, and if children are still learning to read rather than reading to learn by third grade, it sets them up to keep falling behind in the rest of school and life. The concept of attracting people’s attention with a giant misspelled word is meant to shed light on what can happen if children don’t get the help they need. That, when combined with the black and white imagery and direct eye contact, convey a sense of seriousness and urgency that hasn’t been typically associated with United Way before.